Kevin Carter’s portrayal in the movies

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For the purpose of research, movies portraying Kevin Carter were analyzed to see how Kevin Carter was perceived in pop culture. Film clips, courtesy of Youtube, are shown to capture the moments of Kevin Carter’s photography, and the moment he has to justify to the press his iconic photo.

In 2010, a film was released based on the novel written by Bang Bang Club members Greg Marinovich and João Silva called “Bang Bang Club: Snapshots of a Hidden War.” His friends showed him as a risk taker and someone to emulate in their photo taking. Early in the movie, he is shown to collaborate with each member of the Bang Bang Club, and push them to get close and personal in the subjects of their photos.


Carter is shown shooting photos of the apartheid in South Africa, and is subsequently fired in the middle of the film due to his frequent drug use. A lot of his photos are considered too graphic to publish as well. He moves on to freelancing, and the movie shows him going to Sudan to cover the 1993 famine.

Here is the video depicting him taking his iconic, Pulitzer Prize winning photo. I show this to illustrate how pop culture sees his description of how he approached the photo.


Later on in the movie, he is very distraught after rounds of taking photos. He takes to alcohol and drugs, and is shown trying to escape from reality.

Not long after, the movie shows him getting the phone call telling him he has won the Pulitzer in the feature photography category. Here is the clip below:


The film dramatizes his reactions to the perception of his work. He is first pushed out of the local South African publication because of his graphic photos and his lifestyle, and began to follow issues elsewhere.


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